Why So Many Are Experiencing Household Injuries During The Pandemic

The pandemic has brought many things to a halt, including working in the office. 

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Now, millions of Americans have found themselves working from home and having to adjust to maintain employment. Besides work, lockdowns have prevented much movement out of the home due to mandated orders of staying home and many businesses being closed. The result of this sudden increase of being at home has brought on a reported rise in injuries. 

While the transition may have been easy for some to make, others found themselves working from home for the first time. There was no preparation for having an in-home office and workspace, so many had to make quick rearrangements. Doctors started to see the increase of injuries last year during the heart of COVID-19. 

Muscle sprains and back complications from poor posturing of the computer and mouse were not uncommon. A lot of people that would have been up and moving traditionally were confined to their desk for work on their computer, without any movement for hours on end. Some people would stay positioned in the same spot, which can lock up some muscles. 

Think about all the time you were sitting at your desk or table or wherever else you needed to set up a mini office. Were you sitting up straight with your back aligned just the right angle or were you slouching down like a hermit like I do? What about your hand positions? Did you have a handy mouse pad that absorbed the shock of your wrist laying beside the computer to do all your typing and other work from home projects? 

It’s no surprise that people suffered from so many injuries like these. 

At Home Exercising Caused Injuries

It wasn’t just working from home that was causing household injuries. With gym closures, people were taking it upon themselves to keep their exercise routine going but were doing things wrong. Yes, the gyms were closed and if you were a regular gym nerd, you had to adjust and start doing home workouts, without that personal trainer or equipment, which meant wrong posture, too many reps, not warming up properly, and not cooling down the right way. 

Obesity was already a huge problem in America and the pandemic didn’t do us any favors. It only added to it. The pounds added up even more, which didn’t help matters when people were stuck at home going stir crazy. To keep their minds occupied, chores pushed aside were suddenly being done. However, for people without the core strength, this was an injury nightmare. 

Exercising muscles that were not regularly getting that movement was not smart. You should not be lifting heavy objects if all you do is watch Law and Order: SVU all day. You are bound to get hurt. The best way to stay busy without hurting yourself is by going slow. Don’t overdo it and remember to take as many breaks as you need. 

The pandemic has been hard on all of us. Staying safe while out in public and around other people has been drilled in our heads. I think we might have forgotten to take heed to what we are doing at home, too.

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