Daily Routines To Help My Creativity

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.com

Here is my loose outline: (starting tomorrow)

1. Start my day with Morning Pages

Have you heard of these? I first learned about them from an article on Medium describing a portion of a book from Julie Cameron. Here is a link to a really good video with Julie telling you about the advantages of Morning Pages:


2. Yoga and Meditation

I love yoga but honestly, I have not done it in quite a while. With all the open space I have regarding time, I have no excuse not to get back in the habit. This will help me in creating amazing content for both my work and the work I write for others. I get horrible writer’s block, so I am hoping this will help.

3. News and Medium

Writing means you need ideas. I find my best ideas while reading content from the other great writers here and by exploring the news. I briefly worked as a news reporter and fell in love with the news. Actually, I guess I always loved watching and reading the news. It was a pastime I did with my dad.

4. Work On Client Content

After I’ve had some coffee, I will get down to business. I’ll finish any client work now complete (I like to work at night sometimes. I am a night owl). I will also start pitching websites and publications for ideas for personal essays I’d like to write.

This is not a concrete plan but one I have to sporadically follow until I come up with something better. I do not plan on this being dead on every day. Things happen. I am a mom of three, so I know that no day will be like the next. At least I have something to work with.

When I am not writing for clients and publications, I will be working on some scripts and possibly a book, though the scripts are more prominent. Stay tuned. There is a lot of good things coming for my writing career in my future.

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