Freelance Writing Is Such A Lonley Career

Where To Turn When You Have No One To Discuss Your Writing With

One thing about freelancing is that it is a long and lonely road. There is no one to share in your successes. No one to pat you on the back once you finished that dreadful article to meet the client’s tight deadline.

Even your partner doesn’t really understand it, unless they are a writer themselves. They can be happy for you, sure, but they don’t really get it. They don’t truly know what it means for your business when you are getting more and more orders. Or if a client is being difficult.

Where do you turn to find likeminded people to talk to about stuff like this?

Facebook Groups

There are some excellent Facebook groups centered around general writing and freelance writing. One group that I’m a member of that really helps me is Successful Freelance Writing Moms by Abbi Friedman Perets. Abbi is a freelance writer herself, and she knows the struggle of being a mom and what it takes to succeed even when your children are in the other room.

A lot of the members are very supportive of one another and give great advice. Occasionally, they will post job opportunites. Abbi has freelance courses on her website to help you along your journey, if you so choose. It’s not an obligation to join the group.


Yes, Twitter is filled with a lot of various memes and opinionated people. However, deep in the heart of the social media site, there is a wonderful #writercommunity. Ask a question with this hashtag or jump into a conversation by looking through post with this hashtag. It is truly a great community of writers to be a part of.

I have find a lot of writer colleages through using the hashtag and have grown to love Twitter for it.


Did you know LinkedIn has writing groups? I have to admit that I am not as active in these groups as I’d like to be, but they are still there. There are groups centered around any type of writing, from poetry, freelance writing, and blogging.

If you don’t want to join a group on LinkedIn, there are a lot of freelance writers you can follow or befriend. Mirror their formula of success to find your own and make your writing business even better.

Freelance writing is tough. You are doing everything on your own. You are a one man show. Working for yourself is rewarding. Many people do it. Connect with them so you don’t feel like you are the only one who struggles with certain parts of freelancing and so you can share when you make strides in your business.

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