The Delta Variant Is Growing Rapidly

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

India is seeing its largest death toll to date, topping numbers of over 400,000 deaths in the country alone. This could be due to the delta variant that is starting to see some significant growth in the United States recently.

The deaths due to COVID-19 in India have been thought to be a lot higher than what is initially being reported because of the lack of ability to deal with the high body counts that their heath care system was not prepared to handle. So, the ever-prevalent delta variant is said to be the main cause of so many of the new deaths accounted for, Friday showing more than 800 new lifes taken.

The delta variant is attacking parts of the Britain, too. According to the Associated Press, Britain saw a jump in new COVID cases, more than it has in three months time. The good thing is that most vaccines are protecting against this new variant.

However, some places still do not have enough vaccines to get everyone vaccinated. Johnson and Johnson is looking to help, saying their single dose vaccine has been shown to protect against the delta variant. They are working together with the backed Covax Initiative that is backed by the United Nations to get 200 million vaccines to other countries throughout the world.

They signed an agreement back in May to get the ball running on this.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that the delta variant will become a dominant strain in the United States in the next few weeks, which is still battling to get everyone vaccinated in time.

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