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How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

As a writer and a mom to three, finding time for myself, let alone writing, is tough. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get anything done when I am running after my very active daughter, cleaning up messes, and trying to fix dinner in-between. Most days are hectic but I have made it my mission lately to get more serious about my writing.

I’m not talking about writing for clients. I’m talking about the writing that is for you. Writing that is important to you, things that you want to write, whether that is for your blog, a script, or a short story. Here are ways even the busiest of moms can get their writing in.

Prioritize and Organize

Getting organized will benefit your writing. If you have everything in its place and are not scrounging around looking for things before you rush out the door (guilty) it will leave you with more time to get to your computer to write.

Another point is to put writing down on your list of things you need to get done for the day. Sticking to a list of tasks can help you get through all the necessary chores and appointments. So, when you include writing on that list, you have blocked out time specifically for that.

Notice What Is Holding You Back

Let’s face it: if you want to find the time to do something you will. Think of how you plan time to unwind and watch your favorite show or send the kids to bed early so you can catch up on social media. All of these things are what you want to do and time you could be spending writing.

You may be doing things that are not helping your writing such as liking posts on Twitter or LinkedIn for a few hours. Those are hours you can’t get back and ones that you could have been writing.

Be honest with yourself and your habits. What activities can you cut back or eliminate altogether so you can write?

Let Others Know You Are Serious About Your Craft

Are you getting interrupted constantly throughout the day by friends and family? All of those distractions add up and are costing you time you could be writing. For others to take you seriously, you have to take yourself serious.

You have to treat your writing career like a business. If you were working for any other business would your friends and family be calling you for every little thing? Of course not.

You are a writer whether you make money or not. If you want to be a successful writer, you have to inform your friends and family that you are off limits at certain times you designate. Or just turn your phone off when you are ready to write.

Use Your Phone To Your Advantage

I bet you are on your phone right now reading this. It is a device that everyone has and constantly uses. While you have your phone in your hand, you can write. There are a ton of apps available that make your phone into a mini computer.

I have Final Draft, Word, and Grammerly to name a few that I use for writing on my phone. Search through your phone’s App Store and find relevant apps to help aid your mobile writing.

Little tidbits of time that we get daily is incredible. You wait in the grocery line, or at the doctor, or to pick your kids up. All of those are opportunities to write.


Finding time to create with your words is easy once you identify the available time in each day, what’s slowing you down, and making writing a priority. You can write no matter how busy you are or how many kids you are caring for. Moms are the most capable beings and if anyone can do it, it’s you!

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