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Why Everyone Has A Purpose

Purpose in one's life is important. I think without that, there is no reasoning behind life. There is nothing to justify the ends to the means. That definition of the word differs from person to person. Merriam-Webster defines purpose as a noun in two different ways, “something set up as an object or end to… Continue reading Why Everyone Has A Purpose

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My Grief Isn’t The Same As Yours

How experiencing childhood death changed me forever Photo by Katya Wolf on Many people have unfortunately had death visit their family or someone they know over the last few years. This includes children. Grief is different for everyone but none more-so than kids. I should know. In 1997, my mom died. I think I was… Continue reading My Grief Isn’t The Same As Yours

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Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

It’s that time of the month. The one we as women dread: the visit from Aunt Flow. Photo by Anna Shvets on As you prepare for the inevitable, you gather the regular necessities, such as pads, tampons, and maybe a change of underwear (sometimes they can be messy). There is another option you may… Continue reading Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?