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This Might Sound Crazy But…

I made some accomplishments today. For a mom of three, the reality is time for yourself is limited if any at all. The last few days have been tough. My younger son is sick. It started with a fever and progressed into loose bowels. So, I’ve spent all day cleaning up poop off of carpets,… Continue reading This Might Sound Crazy But…


Delta 8 Eased My Depression

It's not just about getting high. Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash Are you familiar with the new legal way people are getting high? That’s the rave with news publications worldwide. Delta 8 and it’s accompanying sub-ordinates have made small doses of THC legally accessible. To me, this is a great win for those using THC for relief… Continue reading Delta 8 Eased My Depression


There’s No Waste If I Never Did It In The First Place

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld on A Poem What if last week was my last week?Did I measure up to what life is supposed to be?Or did I lay around and waste itLooking forward to chasing that next Netflix flicand where I’m going get paid from nextThere’s no waste if I never did it in… Continue reading There’s No Waste If I Never Did It In The First Place


I Almost Had An Abortion After Unprotected Sex

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on My twenties were a time of discovery. Admittedly, I was reckless in my actions. I was dealing with unresolved grief, sexual abuse, and abandonment, all while being a mother to a toddler. It was a time in which I wish I had a magic wand to fix and erase… Continue reading I Almost Had An Abortion After Unprotected Sex