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Why Everyone Has A Purpose

Purpose in one's life is important. I think without that, there is no reasoning behind life. There is nothing to justify the ends to the means. That definition of the word differs from person to person. Merriam-Webster defines purpose as a noun in two different ways, “something set up as an object or end to… Continue reading Why Everyone Has A Purpose

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I’m Learning How Not To Be Ashamed Of My Mental Health

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on I can’t believe I’ve come this far. Finally, I said the words aloud to someone else besides my husband: I have depression!! I’ve never been so open about my mental health. For most of my life, I hid it, ashamed at being labeled crazy or psycho, even worried that… Continue reading I’m Learning How Not To Be Ashamed Of My Mental Health


Delta 8 Eased My Depression

It's not just about getting high. Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash Are you familiar with the new legal way people are getting high? That’s the rave with news publications worldwide. Delta 8 and it’s accompanying sub-ordinates have made small doses of THC legally accessible. To me, this is a great win for those using THC for relief… Continue reading Delta 8 Eased My Depression

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Dealing With Grief Nearly A Decade Later

Photo by Liza Summer on Does the grief ever go away? Last week, I was thinking about my deceased mother. I think about her and my deceased father every day, but this week it has been constant thoughts about my mom.  I've been crying as I did as a little girl that whole year… Continue reading Dealing With Grief Nearly A Decade Later


Sundays Made Me Forget I am Biracial

Photo by KoolShooters on Many times I get confused for being Caucasian. At first glance, you probably wouldn’t guess my biological father is black. In the same contrast, you probably wouldn’t be surprised my biological mom is white. I am one of those mixed gals; one of the girls with ‘the good hair’. Race… Continue reading Sundays Made Me Forget I am Biracial