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The Inability

A Poem No one ever knew of her pain. She wore her cross that she was born to wear so well. She hid every attack like a concealed weapon used in a mass shooting. There are several of those each year. Her attacks were several times each day.  Some may say, She is absolutely ok.… Continue reading The Inability

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My Grief Isn’t The Same As Yours

How experiencing childhood death changed me forever Photo by Katya Wolf on Many people have unfortunately had death visit their family or someone they know over the last few years. This includes children. Grief is different for everyone but none more-so than kids. I should know. In 1997, my mom died. I think I was… Continue reading My Grief Isn’t The Same As Yours

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This Might Sound Crazy But…

I made some accomplishments today. For a mom of three, the reality is time for yourself is limited if any at all. The last few days have been tough. My younger son is sick. It started with a fever and progressed into loose bowels. So, I’ve spent all day cleaning up poop off of carpets,… Continue reading This Might Sound Crazy But…

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I’m Learning How Not To Be Ashamed Of My Mental Health

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on I can’t believe I’ve come this far. Finally, I said the words aloud to someone else besides my husband: I have depression!! I’ve never been so open about my mental health. For most of my life, I hid it, ashamed at being labeled crazy or psycho, even worried that… Continue reading I’m Learning How Not To Be Ashamed Of My Mental Health


Delta 8 Eased My Depression

It's not just about getting high. Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash Are you familiar with the new legal way people are getting high? That’s the rave with news publications worldwide. Delta 8 and it’s accompanying sub-ordinates have made small doses of THC legally accessible. To me, this is a great win for those using THC for relief… Continue reading Delta 8 Eased My Depression