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This Might Sound Crazy But…

I made some accomplishments today. For a mom of three, the reality is time for yourself is limited if any at all. The last few days have been tough. My younger son is sick. It started with a fever and progressed into loose bowels. So, I’ve spent all day cleaning up poop off of carpets,… Continue reading This Might Sound Crazy But…

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How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on As a writer and a mom to three, finding time for myself, let alone writing, is tough. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get anything done when I am running after my very active daughter, cleaning up messes, and trying to fix dinner in-between. Most days are hectic but… Continue reading How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

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I’ve Become A Single Mother Twice In Two Years

The first time it was for 90 days. I remember driving him to jail. My mind was racing with so many what-ifs. How was I going to take care of three kids on my own? Would I have enough money to pay the bills? What if I didn’t have enough money for the rent?